S. No. Event Date
1 Exam Schedule:- Probable dates/Months
2 TE – I 2nd week of May
3 Half Yearly 2nd week of September
4 TE – II 1st Week of December
5 Final Exam 2nd Week of March
6 New session start with Saraswati Puja 3rd April 2021
7 Hindi/English Writing Competition April Last Week
8 Chess Competition May 3rd Week
9 Outing for Fun Valley/Fun & Food/Water Park On 20th May
10 PTM May 21st
11 Rangoli Competition – PTM May 21st
12 Drawing Competition In July
13 G.K. Competition In July
14 Hindi/English Debate In Aug
15 Pre-Primary Poem Recitation Competition In Aug (After Exam)
16 Independence Day Celebration/Patriotic Song Comp. On 15th Aug.
17 Teacher's Day Celebration On 5th September
18 Carom Competition In October
19 G.K. Quiz In October
20 PTM Last Week of October
21 Educational Tour + Camping/mountain tracking/Camp Fire In October
22 Social Welfare Program In November
23 Pre – Primary Fancy Dress Competition In Oct (After Exam)
24 Children's Day Celebration/Sports Day On 14th November
25 Basket Ball Match (Final) In December
26 Volley Ball Match (Final) In December
27 Chess Competition In December
28 PTM Last Week of December
29 Self Cooking Picnic at river site On 25th December
30 Staff Vs Students Cricket & Basket Ball Matches On 25th December
31 Republic Day Celebration/Prize Distribution On 26th January
32 Badminton Matches (Final) In January, 2022
33 PTM/Science, Art & Craft Exhibition 30th Mach, 2022